Game Key Revealer : Recupera i seriali dei tuoi videogiochi

Game Key Revealer Chiavi di registrazioneDopo avervi presentato Soft Key Revealer, un programma che permette di trovare i codici di registrazione dei programmi installati, vi voglio presentare un'altro software, creato dallo stesso autore, che serve a trovare le CD-Key o Serial dei giochi installati.

Game Key Revealer, come detto precedentemente, è un valido aiuto nel caso di smarrimento del seriale del videogame, permettendo il recupero del seriale di registrazione nel caso in cui avessimo ancora il gioco installato. Chiaramente il software va utilizzato esclusivamente per fini legali, qualunque altro utilizzo è da ritenersi una violazione del copyright.

Il programma è un semplice file eseguibile, una volta avviato si deve cliccare su Find Games ed aspettare che la scansione termini.

GameKeyRevaler Trovare codici giochi

I giochi supportati sono oltre 500 e tra questi possiamo sicuramente ricordare i seguenti:

10tacle Studios
- GT Legends
- GTR 2

- Call of Duty (all series)
- Star Trek: Starfleet Command III
- Star Trek: Elite Force II
- Tony Hawk's Underground 2

- Act of War (all series)
- Terminator 3: War of the Machines
- And some other games

- Almost all games

- Crysis
- Crysis Warhead
- FarCry

Electronic Arts
- Battlefield 1942 (all series)
- Battlefield 2 (all series)
- Battlefield 2142 (all series)
- Black & White (all series)
- Black & White 2 (all series)
- Command and Conquer (all series)
- Command and Conquer 3 (all series)
- Cricket (all series)
- F1 (all series)
- FIFA (all series)
- FIFA Manager (all series)
- FIFA World Cup (all series)
- Fussball Manager (all series)
- Harry Potter (all series)
- Madden NFL (all series)
- Medal of Honor (all series)
- MVP Baseball (all series)
- Nascar (all series)
- NBA Live (all series)
- Need for Speed (all series)
- NHL (all series)
- Rugby (all series)
- Shogun: Total War (all series)
- SimCity (all series)
- The Lord of the Rings (all series)
- The Sims (all series)
- The Sims 2 (all series)
- Tiger Woods PGA TOUR (all series)
- Total Club Manager (all series)
- UEFA Champions League (all series)
- UEFA Euro (all series)
- And all other games

Epic Games
- Unreal Tournament (all series)

Eugen Systems
- Act of War (all series)
- The Gladiators

Funatics Development
- The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary
- Zanzarah

- Almost all games

Iron Lore
- Titan Quest (all series)

- Industry Giant 2
- The Nations
- And some other games

- Pro Evolution Soccer (all series)
- Winning Eleven (all series)

Lionhead Studios
- The Movies
- And some other games

- Star Wars Battlefront (all series)
- Star Wars Empire at War (all series)
- Star Wars Republic Commando

Oberon Media
- Almost all games

- Spell Force (all series)

Pi Eye Games
- Almost all games

PopCap Games
- Almost all games

- Medieval II: Total War
- Rome: Total War

- Caesar (all series)
- Counter-Strike
- Gunman Chronicles
- Half-Life
- TimeShift
- World In Conflict
- And some other games

- Call of Juarez
- Chrome
- GTI Racing
- Xpand Rally (all series)

- Company of Heroes
- Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
- Dawn of War (all series)
- Forged Alliance
- Frontlines: Fuel of War
- MotoGP 2007
- S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl
- Supreme Commander
- Zanzarah

- FarCry
- Peter Jackson's King Kong
- Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
- Rainbow Six III RavenShield
- Silent Hunter III
- Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
- Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
- The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary


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